Current mission

What happened after 2017…

When I came back from my last trip (Belgium to Bali over land) in 2017, I was totally run-down, overstimulated and an emotional disaster. I thought I was done travelling, but the truth is, I had a B12 vitamin deficit and I had, being a perfectionist, overdone the travelling a little. The goal of not taking a flight until Bali had become a strict rule instead of a plan and I felt I would fail if I didn’t make it. I travelled too fast and didn’t give myself enough rest.

So back in Antwerp I quickly recovered, but was happy to stay for a little while. I thought that maybe I could try the working life: get a 9 to 5 job and settle down a little. Safe, stable and secure. But deep down I hoped I would meet the love of my life, who loved travelling as much as I did and then take off together. Travelling solo had been nice, but I longed for sharing those beautiful moments with a loved one…

I tried, I really tried and gave it a proper chance, but the office, set hours and the routine of the 9 to 5 life made me feel stuck and unfree. And when I actually fell in love with that Belgian traveller I dreamed of, there was no way back. I had to go travel again. And besides that, I had to find a way to create a life of freedom, so I’d never have to go back to a normal job. So when I got in touch with an amazing community of so called ‘digital nomads’ I got mentored, I learned and I set up my own online business. I quit my dayjob and now I can join my boyfriend on a trip around the world.

And finally I can do some things I maybe wouldn’t have done as a solo female traveller… like hitchhiking and going to India…!

The 23th of March 2019 we start our adventure. We take off with a hitchhiking trip from Belgium to Greece. Don’t worry, I’m not going all the way to Asia without taking a flight again, but we want to limit our flights as much as possible. Plus, hitchhiking is fun and cheap! In Greece we will visit Lesvos for 2 weeks, to volunteer in a refugee camp.
We figured that before we would allow ourselves the luxury of wallowing in our privilege at a beach in Asia, we should do something meaningful for other people and the world. And we get to tell ourselves we shouldn’t feel as guilty about flying to Sri Lanka afterwards.
From there on we don’t have any plans whatsoever and we might end up on a boat to the Carribean, who knows.

Expect many photos, videos, travel tips and stories (I’ve never taken so much equipment with me… ever) and track me on my journey! 😉