Need some motivation?

Need some motivation & inspiration?

After years of exploring myself through self-development books, podcasts, solo-travels and online courses it’s time to teach others what I’ve learned. In 2019 I started mentoring and coaching people and helped them successfully to make lasting changes in their lives.

At the moment, I offer two online consulting programs (click for more info).

  • Accountability & Planning: Learn how to better manage your time, prioritize, set & reach goals.
  • Passion & Purpose: A journey of exploring your passions and purpose through various exercises and thought experiments.

!! One time offer – beta program !!

Until the 1st of December 2019 I offer these programs at a reduced price, since they are in the beta testing phase. Enroll in the course before the 30th of November to get 80% off.

For more info mail to or connect with me on Linkedin.