Making friends part 217

I’ve made so many friends on the road I am starting to forget the names (not the faces!) of the people I travelled with in the beginning. Luckily I foresaw this problem from the start and every week, I would write down the names of the people I met that week in my diary. Up […]

Gerrid Greenwood

It’s been a while since I updated my ‘people’ category. Although I often encounter interesting men, women or families, I often don’t get a chance to get to know them well enough to write about them. Or ask them for their photo or contact details. Like the travelling family I met a couple of days […]


Our Russian grandmother (Babushka) at Olkhon Island Nina grew up along the Northern part of Lake Baikal. She is Buryat. Buryats are people from the south-east of Russia. Their orignal language, Buryat, is one that is more close to the Mongolian language. It is easy to recognise them, because the Mongolian, more Asian look is […]

People of Sweden

Michaël Randrianaridera I met Michaël on the central station (T-Centralen) in Stockholm at 5 in the morning. I took the Flix night bus from Malmö to Stockholm (I managed to find a ticket for 10 euro, so the fact that I hate overnighters was not that important anymore) and arrived at the bus terminal in […]