Family time! & First impressions of Thailand

My mom and dad were really eager to catch up with me, somewhere along my trip. Since I was not taking flights, it was not that easy to time this. So when my parents booked their flight to Bangkok, I had a deadline for the first time! This meant, unfortunately, that I had to rush a little through Cambodia. I am not a fan of this, and I don’t have the feeling I got a real vibe of the country, but it all was for a good purpose.

We were planning to meet up at Koh Kood Island in the south-east of Thailand. The trip seemed to take for ages… because after finally crossing the border, it was too late to take any ferries from Trat, so I had to stay the night. At least I had time to write down some first impressions of Thailand, sitting in my cosy but hot non airconditioned room. The houses seemed to be more colourful, at least in Trat. And a lot nicer… but I guess Thailand is a lot more developed, so this makes sense. Also the roads were incredibly nice and well maintained. After we crossed border with a minivan I almost got a heart attack because I had no idea the Thai drive at the left side of the road! Although I can’t say anything bad about the people in Vietnam and Cambodia, Thai people really are smiling and friendly. They seem a lot more relaxed. And their faces are surprisingly different from the almost black Khmer people in Cambodia. A lot whiter and more Chinese looking. But more Western. Especially young people often look really fashionable. Also, a lot more fat people here… When I was going for my first Pad Thai I immediately noticed why this is. So much street food everywhere and I think half of it consisted of fried stuff.

When I arrived on the island, I got a taxi to the guesthouse which they booked. They came out running, laughing and screaming. apparently they had been doing that the 2 taxi’s passing before, but they only got some weird looks because I was obviously not there haha. I was so happy to be close to them again! But also really weird. The next days I felt a little jet lagged. Like I had been coming home, but not really, because I was still on my trip. It felt somewhat unreal at first. And in some way, it was a kind of holiday from my trip. These 10 days with my parents were less travelling and more holiday-like. Since we stayed in nice rooms on tropical islands and we went out for proper food up to 3 times a day.

In total, we spend 10 days together, visiting Koh Kood, Koh Mak and Chiang Mai. Mom and dad joined a little in my backpacking life as well, by staying in a hostel and taking the night train. Even though I found this night train the worst I’ve ever taken (it moves like hell so you can hardly sleep and wake up whole stiff from your body trying to catch the shocks), they hardly complained. Sometimes I laughed a little about my mom who muttered there was no fridge in the room, or how she desperately wanted to keep every grain of sand out of the room, while we were practically staying at the beach. But I guess I would want to be more comfortable as well as I get older and I have the money to do so.
We talked about a 1000 things and I still think of things I haven’t told them yet. But hey, at least I am good for the following years with stories.

All crying, I got in the taxi to leave for Pai.

This photo says it all 🙂

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  1. Such a precious time together!

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