Paradise islands in Cambodia: Koh Tonsay & Koh Ta Kiev

After Vietnam, Cambodia looked dryer, poorer and less populated.  Corrugated roofs, begging kids (which made my heart break… I hadn’t seen this yet during this trip… but it made me realise how rich I am once again) and a lot more pushy sellers and taxi drivers. I think if you look at the countryside, I liked Vietnam a lot more.

BUT: the islands in Cambodia are truly paradise.

I visited two smaller, less well-known islands in Cambodia: Koh Tonsay & Koh Ta Kiev.

I can’t tell you much stories and details about my time there… simply because there is not really much to do except for chilling the f*ck out. I can go on over how awesome and cheap the food was, how much I’ve chilled in the hammocks, how I got a Thai Massage on the beach for only 5 dollars, how I could hear the sea from my bamboo hut, how I took morning and night swims in the turquoise sea and swam with lighting plankton, how my hair got bleached and my skin got more tanned because of the hot sun… Or how I drank beers on the beach with the setting sun… BUT, that would only make some of you guys too jealous so I will leave it with some photos and descriptions 😉


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