Living the Dream (2) in Vietnam

I started my trip through Vietnam in Hanoi. After China, this was a different world. Everyone spoke English again, street food everywhere, I could finally read the names of the shops, streets and hotels and… I wasn’t the only backpacker anymore! I noticed I wasn’t used to seeing Western faces anymore because every time I […]

Gerrid Greenwood

It’s been a while since I updated my ‘people’ category. Although I often encounter interesting men, women or families, I often don’t get a chance to get to know them well enough to write about them. Or ask them for their photo or contact details. Like the travelling family I met a couple of days […]

College life in China

During my first days in China, I stayed with a college teacher in Hohhot, the capital of Inner Mongolia province. He was a friend of a friend of my parents friend (can you still follow?). Except for the fact that it was really interesting to experience life in a Chinese family, I learned a lot […]

First impressions of China

Coming from Mongolia, China looked much more organised. Taxi’s looked again like taxi’s, the streets were wider, cleaner and there were more traffic lights, or at least, people would use them properly. At the same time, it also looked much more chaotic. I think it is partly the language with all the symbols that makes […]

Hitchhiking to Mongolia

On a beautiful sunny day, two crazy Europeans decided to hitchhike from Russia (Ulan Ude) to Mongolia (Ulaanbaatar). A Masjroetka (minibus) dropped us 40 minutes out of the city centre. We did a quick photo session because we had good hope we were going to be picked up soon. And we were lucky. Soon a […]