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Hi there,

My name is Hannah. I am a Dutch twenty-something, crazy about travelling, telling stories and catching moments with my camera. That’s why I started this blog. You won’t find tips & tricks or do’s and don’ts here about backpacking, or full reports about hostels or travel agencies… My goal is to share my track with you: the stories about the people I meet, the places I visit and the things I learn about life on the way. For me, that is where travelling stands for: living with my whole heart, following dreams and continuously learning. If only I can inspire one person with something I share, I will be more than happy.

Except from travelling, photographing and writing I also really like chocolate … and working out (which comes in handy if you love chocolate as much as I do…). Besides chocolate, you can always seduce me with a cup of coffee or13501687_1110869412288388_1692011804991604922_n a nice party where I can dance all night. I love meeting new people, being social mostly doesn’t cost me energy but gives me a lot! But I also like to be alone sometimes. I try to meditate everyday and if I want to work out and calm down at the same time I go for a run, a hike or a tour on my bike: I plug in my headphones and just go somewhere. Or just leave me on the beach where I will fall in love with the sunrise and the sunset every single time.

For the past five years, I lived in Antwerp, where, unfortunately there is no beach close and where I finished my master degree in Social Economics in June. In my fourth year I participated in an exchange program through which I was able to live in Sydney, Australia for five months. I fell in love with this country. Or maybe it was the feeling of total freedom I had there… Anyways, I would love to go back one time, but we’ll see when that is. One step at a time!

So this is my first, “semi-professional” blog. I used to write blogs while I was travelling, just to keep everyone up to date, but those were blogs hosted by other websites. This time I wanted my own website. For one part because people told me my writing skills were not that bad and for another part: I took a photography course last year so I could finally make good use of my SLR camera. Besides, I am always up for a new challenge. So here it is. A new blog and the start of a new chapter of my life.

Die with memories, not dreams

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PS. A special thanks to my friend Lucas Somville, for helping me building this website & Eva Roos Kwant, for doing the graphics!