Qatar – A bubble in a desert

Qatar wasn’t exactly on top of my wish list… But my sister had been living in the capital, Doha, for the past year. Since I started travelling right before she left, I hadn’t seen her in over a year. So I figured I could add an a-typical country to my list and see what was […]

Coming home, twice

Coming home, part 1 It took me a while to write about this last part of my trip. Partly because I’ve been super caught up in the coming home process; meeting with friends and family, finding a (temporary) place to live, trying to catch up with some administration, finding a job, working… Next to that […]

From Singapore to Jakarta by boat

When I first discovered I could get to Jakarta by boat from Singapore, I was quite excited. But after my stress, panick attacks and tiredness got worse and worse, I wasn’t really looking forward anymore to this journey. I really wanted to finish my travels without taking a plane until Bali but I had the feeling I […]

Making friends part 217

I’ve made so many friends on the road I am starting to forget the names (not the faces!) of the people I travelled with in the beginning. Luckily I foresaw this problem from the start and every week, I would write down the names of the people I met that week in my diary. Up […]